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Tooth Extraction in Midtown Manhattan

Save your dental health with Tooth Extraction Manhattan

Do you want to undergo Tooth Extraction Manhattan to get rid of your impacted wisdom tooth? Do you still have a baby tooth? Do you have a severely decayed tooth? Part of our dental clinic services is tooth extraction. One part of adulting is tooth extraction. There are many reasons why you should undergo this services to save your dental health from a severe condition.

Why do you need to undergo Tooth Extraction Manhattan?

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Here are some reasons why you should undergo tooth extraction:

There are instances that a tooth may encounter injury and accident; as a result, the tooth may be broken or cracked. Our dentist will possibly recommend you to undergo the crown to hide the affected tooth, but if the damage becomes severe and cannot be saved, we will probably suggest getting a tooth extraction.

Another reason is dental decay, and this occurrence is from the bacteria that reach the enamel of the tooth. When the bacteria become severe, it produces a hole called cavity. At this moment or condition, we can fix this cavity by filling or by installing a crown. If you're experiencing pain on the infected tooth, we can perform a root canal, but if it is not possible, we will recommend you to get tooth extraction.

There is also a possibility that some of your baby teeth will not fall out. We need to extract your baby tooth to give way your permanent tooth. If a baby tooth is not removed, it may cause dental issues that can affect your teeth alignment.

Another reason is when the wisdom tooth does not grow properly. Commonly, wisdom teeth or the third molars appear between ages of 17 to 25. They are called wisdom tooth because they appear during the time of maturity. Wisdom teeth tend to grow inappropriate because there is no adequate space to take the last molars. The result of this, the wisdom tooth may grow impacted below the gum. To extract this, you need to seek an oral surgeon.

How does tooth extraction take place?

Before pulling a particular tooth, we will inject you local anesthesia to numb the area where the tooth will be removed. There are also instances that the dentist will administer general anesthesia to let you sleep during the procedure. On the other hand, for the extraction of the wisdom tooth, the dentist or oral surgeon will need to cut the gum and bone tissue to get the impacted wisdom tooth.

What to do after the Tooth Extraction Manhattan?

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After the procedure, you need to take extra care especially on the place where the dentist pulled your tooth. The recovery may take several days, and it can bring discomfort, pain and possible infection if it is not treated well. After the procedure, the dentist will prescribe you painkillers to lessen the pain, and you need to bite a gauze pad to minimize the bleeding on the tooth socket. You need to change the gauze every time it soaked with the blood.

You can also place an ice bag to slow down swelling after the procedure. Do this for 10 minutes from time to time. Avoid force rinsing for 24 hours after the procedure to avoid the clot from removing in the tooth socket. We also advise you to rinse your mouth with a solution made up of ½ teaspoon of salt and eight oz of warm water, and it serves as one alternative antibacterial mouthwash.

Avoid smoking and dense type of activities, and it may affect the healing process of your Tooth Extraction Manhattan. Eat a soft kind of food like soup and yogurt after the extraction. As time goes by, add solid types of food. Lastly, perform proper dental hygiene but make sure you avoid the place where the extraction takes place.

To know more about Tooth Extraction Manhattan, you can book an appointment with our dental clinic.

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Tooth Extraction in Midtown Manhattan
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Tooth Extraction in Midtown Manhattan
Do you want to undergo Tooth Extraction Manhattan to get rid of your impacted wisdom tooth? Do you still have a baby tooth?
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