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TMJ or TMD in Midtown Manhattan

Know if you’re experiencing Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome through TMJ or TMD Assessment Manhattan

Do you want to undergo TMJ or TMD Assessment Manhattan to know if you're experiencing Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome? Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome is a disorder that causes pain in your jaw joint and on the muscles that manage your jaw movement. The possible cause for this disorder is hard to determine because there are disorders that can also affect your jaw like arthritis and jaw injury. Most cases, TMJ patients tend to grind their teeth and hear their jaw popping or clicking while moving it.

What is TMJ or TMD Assessment Manhattan?

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To diagnose if your experiencing TMJ disorder, our dentist will perform an assessment. We will first ask your medical history and will conduct a physical examination. We will eventually check the movement of your jaw joints every time it clicks or pops. We will also check your jaw performance, and it should not be locking every time your open and close your mouth.

Apart from these, we will also be checking your bite and your facial muscles as well. We will also request you to take a full-face X-ray to completely view your jaws, temporomandibular joints, and even your teeth. You’ll also be needing a series of tests like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or computer tomography (CT Scan). Through these tests, we can determine if your TMJ joint is in the right position when your jaw moves. On the other hand, CT Scan will provide the full bone detail of your joint.

If TMJ disorder is traced on TMJ or TMD Assessment Manhattan, we will be referring an oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon for preventive medical attention and treatment. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a doctor that specializes disorders specifically in the entire face, mouth and at the jaw area. We can also refer you to our orthodontist to assure that your teeth, joints, and muscles are working appropriately.

What is the possible treatment for TMJ or TMD Assessment Manhattan disorder?

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As a dentist, we can provide a prescription for higher doses of NSAIDs. This medicine can lessen the pain and swelling. We also recommend a muscle relaxer to prevent grinding or clenching to your teeth. You can also take stress-reliever, we fully understand that your undertaking stress with TMD.

Aside from medication, you also need to put a splint all the time. Splint aims to minimize the effect of grind and to put your teeth into a proper position to correct your bite. During night time, you can wear night guards or whatever your dentist will advise you. Another treatment is the dentist will put crowns, bridges, and braces to correct your bite problem.

If these types of treatment don’t help, we can recommend you to undergo Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). TENS is a therapy which uses low-level electrical currents to relieve your jaw joint and facial muscles in pain. This type of procedure is only done at our dental clinic. You can also try ultrasound which provides a deep heat that can also give comfort and can also improve the condition of your jaw joints.

You can also try having administered with trigger-point injections to give relief to your affected jaw joint. You can also try radio wave therapy which provides comfort at the same time it normalizes your blood flow. Aside from radio wave, you can also try low-level laser therapy to lessen the pain, to move your neck comfortably and to open you mouth hassle-free.

If these treatments don’t work, we highly suggest you undergo surgery for TMJ disorder.

If you're suspecting a TMJ disorder, you can get a TMJ or TMD Assessment Manhattan to know more about your jaw condition. You can check and book an appointment with our dental clinic.

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TMJ or TMD in Midtown Manhattan
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