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Oral Surgery in Midtown Manhattan

Obtain the safest and best ORAL SURGERY Manhattan for your Dental Condition

Do you want to get ORAL SURGERY Manhattan for your impacted wisdom tooth? Do you want to replace your decaying tooth or lost tooth into a dental implant? Our dental clinic offers an array of dental services and treatments including oral surgery. We perform this procedure to treat dental conditions that require a surgical way of treatment. It can be a treatment for dental diseases, injuries and other physical aspects of face, teeth, mouth, and jaws as well.

What are the dental conditions that require ORAL SURGERY Manhattan?

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Oral surgery is usually performed with an oral surgeon with the help of a dentist, prosthodontist, and cosmetic dentist. In our clinic, you can assure that we can provide professional oral surgeons who can perform your condition successfully. In our dental clinic, we cover these dental circumstances that concern oral surgery:

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

As we all know, wisdom tooth or teeth are known to be the third molars or last batch of teeth. Commonly, wisdom tooth appears at the back of your molars. There are also tendencies that wisdom tooth grows sideways, crooked or sometimes misaligned. In connection to this, as the wisdom tooth grows it also affects the alignment of the other teeth. However, there are also cases that the wisdom tooth fails to grow and be entrapped. This condition is called impacted wisdom tooth. Having an impacted wisdom tooth can produce pain, swelling, and infection. It can also affect some teeth, gums and can form cysts or tumors. Hence, our dental clinic would highly suggest removing the impacted tooth by means of oral surgery.

Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

Dental implants are known to be the best alternative to fill your tooth loss. Implants are usually done with oral surgeon especially on placing the Titanium screw to the location where to put the implant. Oral surgeons also do the modification of gum tissue on the dental implants to make the dental implant natural looking and attractive.

Jaw Disorders

One of the jaw-related disorder is uneven jaw growth. This disorder may cause you complications in speaking, swallowing, and eating. It can also affect your teeth’s alignment, but braces or other orthodontic tools can amend it. However, there are more severe cases that the oral surgeon needs to align the whole jaw to the most balanced position.

Another jaw disorder is Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It is a condition where the small joint in front of the ear where the skull is located meets the lower jaw. This condition may cause severe headaches and facial discomfort. TMJ is commonly cured by several treatments like oral medications, splints, and physical therapy. However, it is advised to take joint surgery especially when a specialist detected the specific joint problem.

Other Conditions

There are instances that accidents happen like facial injuries. In facial injury, it is required to undergo ORAL SURGERY Manhattan. The oral surgeon will repair the fractures jaws and also the damaged facial bones.

Apart from injuries, oral surgeons are also used to fix a cleft lip. Cleft lip is an outcome where some parts of the mouth and the nasal cavity do not develop together during the mother’s pregnancy period. This situation can be correct by an oral surgeon with the help of health care doctors.

Lastly, ORAL SURGERY Manhattan can also treat snoring disorders or sleep apnea. It can be done without surgery, but if the procedure doesn’t work, the oral surgeon will perform surgical procedures by removing the soft tissues of the oropharynx.


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Do you feel anxious with ORAL SURGERY Manhattan? Don’t worry, and we are here to guide you and to take care of you. Our dental clinic is composed of professional patient-friendly dentists, and we assure you the success of each procedure. Our dentists will eventually orient you in every treatment or dental service that you’ll undertake. For more information, book an appointment for our dental clinic.

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Oral Surgery in Midtown Manhattan
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Oral Surgery in Midtown Manhattan
Do you want to get ORAL SURGERY Manhattan for your impacted wisdom tooth? Do you want to replace your decaying tooth or lost tooth into a dental implant?
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Dentist in Midtown Manhattan
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