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Dental Veneers in Midtown Manhattan

Cover your tooth flaws through Dental Veneers Manhattan

Do you want to get Dental Veneers Manhattan to cover your stained tooth? Do you want to hide your teeth with gaps in between? Our dental clinic offers a remedy to your problem, the dental veneers. This type of cosmetic dentistry is the quickest way of fixing minor tooth problems.It is appropriately perfect for patients who are experiencing broken, discolored and gaps in between teeth.

What are Dental Veneers Manhattan?

Veneers are customized made shell designed like your natural teeth. They are usually made up of porcelain and only covers the front phase of your teeth. They are customized accordingly in shape, color, and size. This type of cosmetic dentistry covers discolored teeth that undergo root canal treatment or by the effect of medications. It also helps to hide broken or chipped teeth and to cover gaps between your teeth.

How to get dental veneers?

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In obtaining a veneer, you need to get a full dental assessment on our dentist. It usually takes two-three appointments to complete the veneer process. You need to explain to our dentist why you necessarily need veneers. We can request for X-ray exams for further impressions on your teeth.

Our dentist will get a ½ millimeter of tooth enamel from your tooth surface which is known to be as the same amount of thickness of the veneer. Before reaching the enamel, our dentist will give you local anesthesia to stunned the tooth area. After this procedure, our dentist will instruct you to come back after two to four weeks for installation of your dental veneers.

After waiting for weeks, our dentist will put the veneers and fit it on your teeth. Our dentist will use cement relatively the same with the color of the veneers. Once the veneer is already installed, our dentist will polish, cleaned and will use a light beam to harden the cement quickly. However, the dentist will ask you to get back after a few weeks to check the performance of your veneers.

Usually, Dental Veneers Manhattan last up to seven to fifteen years. Hence, it is recommended to conduct good dental hygiene like rinsing, brushing and flossing. We may instruct you to prevent too much coffee, wine and tea to avoid discoloration of the veneers. To avoid damages, we require you to avoid hard food intake and avoid using veneers when tearing packages. Broken porcelain veneers are hard to replace and can cost additional expenses in restoring your veneers.


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In our dental clinic, we value your smile. We don’t want you to experience anxiety or depression due to a broken tooth, a stained tooth, and misaligned teeth. According to researchers, patients who are experiencing tooth problems are also at risk of depression. That’s why we are here to help you in every journey of your dental health. We offer a variety of services and treatments like Dental Veneers Manhattan. We want you to boost your self-confidence and see on yourself that you deserve to be happy.

If you think you need some cover-ups like dental veneers, kindly set an appointment to our dental clinic and let see how we can help you.

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They do a really great job! Their staff is friendly and they make going to the dentist an easy experience. I feel like they are passionate about their client's dental hygiene, which is always appreciated.
- James P.
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Absolutely love this place. I'm super particular about my dentist and used to drive back to my hometown to see my dentist until I found Dentist in Midtown Manhattan! Highly recommend going here for all of your dental needs!
- Ashley L.
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Another great visit to the dentist (who says that?!). I always feel cared for when I walk through the doors and I also know that I'm getting the best care in the city. The ceiling TV and pleasant receptionists are also a real bonus. My teeth thank these folks every time!
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Dental Veneers in Midtown Manhattan
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Dental Veneers in Midtown Manhattan
Do you want to get Dental Veneers Manhattan to cover your stained tooth? Do you want to hide your teeth with gaps in between?
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Dentist in Midtown Manhattan
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