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Cosmetic Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan

Renew your smile through cosmetic dentistry in Midtown Manhattan

Looking for the best cosmetic dentistry Manhattan? Having a hard time to smile due to some teeth discoloration or do you have any broken or cracked tooth and you feel stressed about it? Do your teeth have gaps between or are they misaligned? As time goes by, many innovative tools and machines are invented to make people lives more manageable.

One of the best procedures nowadays is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a procedure in dental healthcare which focuses on refining the appearance of a particular tooth. This method is used to restore or to bring back the smile you’ve always wanted.

What does cosmetic dentistry in Midtown Manhattan treat?

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Currently, cosmetic dentistry became popular in treating various dental problems. Multiple dentists nowadays use this method with the help of new innovative tools and their techniques to improve or to change the appearance of your teeth that bothers you. Here are some common types of cosmetic dentistry:

Tooth Whitening

Do you have any stained or discolored teeth? Discolored teeth come from different activities like smoking, food intake or by taking a particular medicine. To fix this problem, a cosmetic dentist will perform a teeth whitening procedure by putting a whitening solution on your teeth. This procedure takes at least two to four weeks.

Once you undergo teeth whitening, you should avoid food or activities that could make your teeth discolored or stained again. Proper oral hygiene must be followed.

Dental Bonding

Do you have gaps or excess area between your teeth? Do you have any crack or broken tooth? Dental bonding can help you to restore your teeth. A cosmetic dentist will place a thin, customized tooth shell, and it can be made by porcelain or resin.

That tooth-like shell will be placed in the front of the affected tooth and will be hardened with the help of laser light. When the customized tooth shell perfectly fits the affected tooth, the dentist will trim and polish the teeth for finishing.


Veneers are used to solve gaps in between of your teeth. These customized shells are also used to reshape crook or broken tooth. They are also used to cover up permanently stained teeth. Veneers are usually made in porcelain and sometimes with plastic.

You need to see a dentist to get first impressions with your teeth. Veneers are usually made in a laboratory, and you need to wait for the second visit for installing.

It is a type of cosmetic dentistry Manhattan that last longer compares with dental bonding. It also gives excellent appearance on your teeth.


Crowns are a type of cosmetic dentistry that covers the full area of a decayed or affected tooth. It is cap-like tooth which is placed above the gums. Crowns are usually used for weak, distorted, or broken tooth. It is also used to cover a dental implant or a tooth that undergo root canal therapy.

Crowns are quite expensive, but they are much suggested by the dentist especially when other cosmetic dentistry procedures can’t make a good result. Crowns are usually made from porcelain, metal or another ceramic medium. This type of cosmetic dentistry can last longer if they are treated right.


Are you experiencing misaligned teeth? Braces are the best answer to that problem. Braces are type of cosmetic dentistry that helps in teeth with misaligned issues. They are used to correct the position of the jaw and to enhance an irregular bite.

To have these braces, you need to visit a dentist for evaluative examination and to orient you on how braces are installed. In putting braces, the dentist will connect brackets to your teeth. Brackets are commonly made from metal, plastic or ceramic. After installing brackets to your teeth, the dentist will place wires through the brackets which will be the guide in positioning your teeth properly.

After the procedure, the dentist will set regular appointments to tighten your braces. This procedure can give you a little pain for a few days. While on braces, you need to follow proper oral treatment to avoid infection or severe discomfort.

Dental Implants

Do you feel uncomfortable with your tooth loss? Well, implants can help you fill that space. Implants are types of cosmetic dentistry that are used to restore a particular tooth loss. Dental implants last longer than bridges.

A procedure started when the cosmetic dentist placed a titanium root into the jaw of the lost tooth. This screw or root will be the foundation or support of the upcoming crown. After the dental implant, you need to follow the dentist’s orders and have proper treatment for your newly implanted tooth. To know more about dental implants, you can visit a dental clinic and ask information about it.

Other types of cosmetic dentistry

Aside from the stated types of cosmetic dentistry above, there are also bridges. Bridges are usually made to fill the space of the lost tooth. It is a temporary denture that is used to replace a lost tooth with an artificial tooth. It can be made from alloys, porcelain, gold or other ceramic materials.


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Cosmetic dentistry Manhattan truly helps people who want to renew their smiles. These procedures are made to bring back each’s confidence. All these methods can be long-lasting, but you need to follow the proper oral regime to maintain the effectiveness of each technique. To know more about these types of cosmetic dentistry, you can pay a visit to a dental clinic and talk to a dentist about it.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan
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Cosmetic Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan
Looking for the best cosmetic dentistry Manhattan? Having a hard time to smile due to some teeth discoloration or do you have any broken and you feel stressed about it?
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