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Braces in Midtown Manhattan

Fix your crooked and crowded teeth through BRACES Manhattan

Do you want to fix your poor bite by putting BRACES Manhattan? Do you have crowded or crooked type of teeth? Here in our dental clinic, we provide services and treatments including braces. We specialize braces to give a solution in each patient’s tooth alignment problems. These misaligned problems are usually caused by tooth loss, injury or even thumbsucking. If you’re experiencing an abnormal bite, we highly recommend you to get braces as soon as possible.

What are BRACES Manhattan?

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Braces is an orthodontic treatment which is used to correct a bad bite or crooked type of teeth. We suggest you install braces as soon as possible to prevent possible dental disorders such as tooth decay, tooth loss, gum problems, speech defect, and jaw problems. Apart from aligning your teeth, it promotes a pleasant-looking smile and a healthier mouth as well.

Typically, there are three types of braces. The usual form of braces is when the brackets are attached to the front of the teeth. This type of braces is usually recommended for children. There are also brackets that are connected at the back of the teeth, and the last class is when metal bands are enfolded around the teeth. However, upon the comprehensive assessment of the dentist, he or she will recommend you the best type of braces that fits your condition.

How do braces take place?

First, the orthodontist will completely perform cleaning to your teeth. When your teeth are dry and clean already, the orthodontist will attach or bond the brackets to your teeth. Brackets are like small ceramic squares made in metal. You may experience annoying taste with the glue but don’t worry it's not poisonous. Afterward, the dentist will put the archwire to connect the brackets on your teeth. Finally, the orthodontist will lock them with elastic bands.

Aftercare Guidelines for Newly Installed BRACES Manhattan

For newly put braces, expect some discomfort and sensitivity. New braces might cause swelling in your mouth, and we recommend you to eat soft types of food like soup, mashed potatoes, pasta, yogurt and another kind of soft food. Avoid acidic type of beverages and food, and it may affect your mouth sores. Mouth sores can appear when you accidentally bite your cheek inside your mouth. You can put oral gels like Anbesol to lessen the pain of your mouth sores.

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If pain become unbearable, we can prescribe over the counter pain reliever like ibuprofen. You can also try making a solution of warm saltwater to lessen the irritation on your lips and gums. As time goes by, pain and irritation will be gone, and everything will take on its place.

You will also be asked to go monthly appointments to our dentist to check your braces if they are doing a stable pressure on your teeth. Aside from checking them, the dentist will also adjust the braces through its wires and rubber bands. We will adjust your braces to create more tension with your teeth.

How long do I need to wear braces?

Usually, BRACES Manhattan needs to wear for at least one to three years, but it depends on the patient’s condition. After removing the braces, the patient needs to wear retainers for at least six months and after years during sleeping time only.

If your experiencing misaligned teeth or a bad bite, you can set an appointment with us to evaluate your teeth if you need to take braces. We are happy to help you.

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Braces in Midtown Manhattan
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Braces in Midtown Manhattan
Do you want to fix your poor bite by putting BRACES Manhattan? Do you have crowded or crooked type of teeth?
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