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Bioliner in Midtown Manhattan

Feel comfortable while aligning your teeth with BIOLINER Manhattan

Do you know that BIOLINER Manhattan can treat minor misaligned teeth and crooked type of teeth? Feeling uncomfortable and pain with the usual braces? We are happy to offer this aligning device that can be used for minor misaligned and crooked issues of your teeth. We value your comfort, and we want you to feel comfortable in every treatment and services we take. Bioliner is known to be painless and very useful concerning aligning minor teeth problems.

What is BIOLINER Manhattan?

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Bioliner is one of the best innovative dental tooth alignment tools. It is made up of soft thermoplastic material and very lightweight. Bioliner is removable and customized to fit in each patients mouth. Accordingly, It caters dental issues like; minor crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, crooked teeth, follow-up treatment for traditional braces and small changes that brought by retainers.

What are the benefits of Bioliner?

Bioliner is familiar to be the most effective type of aligner system. It covers a variety of benefits like;

This type of aligning device is more cost-effective than the traditional braces. Every bioliner packages a detachable aligner which can give your teeth a tension or pressure up to 1.5mm per aligner. For a reasonable price, you can get high and efficient results as well.

Regarding appearance, Bioliner is made up of clear plastic which it doesn’t appear clearly except when you look them closely. You can comfortably smile while wearing it and achieve the correct alignment of your teeth.

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Compared to traditional braces, Bioliner brings comfort to every user of it. You don’t have to suffer for mouth sores and swelling to achieve the correct alignment of your teeth. This device is known to be harmless but provides good overall results.

Another perk of Bioliner is you can eat everything you want. Unlike with the metal made braces, you are instructed to eat soft type of food, but with this, you can eat everything you wanted. If you wish to eat a hard kind of food, you can remove the aligner and eat your desired meal. Just be sure that you brush and floss your teeth before wearing the aligner.


To remind you, BIOLINER Manhattan only treats a minor type of misaligned and crooked teeth. If we found out that you are not suitable for this tool, we would recommend you to undergo traditional braces to correct your bite and crooked teeth. If you want to know if your a successful candidate to use Bioliner, you can take our dentist comprehensive assessment to know more about your dental issues concerning teeth alignment.

For more information about Bioliner, you can contact us or set an appointment with our dental clinic.

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